Secure Hard Drive Destruction Service (1 Drive)

Secure Hard Drive Destruction Service (1 Drive)


Don't risk your personal or business data when you dispose of old computers. Simply remove the hard drive and drop it off at one of our secure centres. Keep your data safe with Hungry Shredder's secure Hard Drive Destruction service.

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Hungry Shredder Hard Drive Destruction

This is our pre-paid Computer Hard Drive Destruction service for one hard drive (laptop or desktop). You will receive a unique code for each hard-drive shredding you purchase

The Hungry Shredder hard-drive process is simple! Firstly, remove the drive from your computer and bring it down to one of our centres for secure destruction.

On arrival at our secure centre, the unique code will be scanned before the entire hard-drive is placed into our heavy duty shredder for permanent destruction. Then relax in the knowledge that your personal or business data has been permanently destroyed, giving you peace of mind from privacy fears. Also included in the one fee is a Certificate of Destruction sent to your email, to keep for your records.

Let our shredding service take care of your confidential waste so that you can get on with things you enjoy. 

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