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Your local shredding company for Cambridgeshire includes Cambridge, Peterborough, Ely, St Neots, Huntingdon, March, St Ives, Whittlesey, Chatteris, Soham, and Ramsey.

Free Collection in Peterborough and surrounding areas with every order

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Watch our 1 minute video on how we make shredding confidential document so simple.

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Our simple and secure document shredding services  in and around the Peterbrough area designed around you,
to make light work of confidential document destruction.



Choose the amount of shredding sacks you require, place your order on our website and we’ll deliver



When you receive the shredding sacks, fill them with all the documents that need to be shredded, then contact us


We Collect

Contact us to arrange the collection of your full sacks. One of our team will collect the sacks on the pre-arranged date


Shredding Sacks & Collection

Archive Box Shredding

Onsite Office Paper Shredding

Paper Shredding service in Peterborough

Hungry Shredder in Peterborough specialises in secure paper shredding services, offering a reliable way to dispose of confidential documents.

Prioritising privacy and environmental sustainability, they serve both individuals and businesses to ensure sensitive information is destroyed securely. This commitment aids in maintaining a secure, clutter-free environment. For those in Peterborough looking for professional shredding services, Hungry Shredder guarantees peace of mind with their safe handling and disposal practices.

For professional paper shredding in Peterborough, reach out to Hungry Shredder
Call Us On Free Phone: 0800 292 2130 or order paper shredding online.


Just started using this company and it’s been brilliant. Friendly service, professional, secure, and reasonable rates. No longer have stacks of paper sitting around our home and office waiting to be shredded. Would highly recommend.

D Mason

As I own a small business I had built up a large amount of paperwork with confidential client data, and was looking for a simple way to dispose of it without burning out my home shredder. Hungry Shredder proved to be a fast and easy solution – order the sacks online which are delivered in the post, fill and return to the warehouse (or they will collect for a fee) and you can even watch your sack being shredded! Site is industrial but staff friendly. I consider the price point to be acceptable for personal or business users.

K Melnyk

After a not so positive experience with another company we tried Hungry Shredder and cannot recommend them enough. Very pleasant and helpful from the first call to the very friendly guys who collected our boxes of paper. The Certificate of Destruction was emailed as promised the next morning and all for a very reasonable price. Extremely efficient, we will not hesitate to use them again.

S Bradford


Could I just shred at home or work?

Yes, but home shredders can be slow, messy and jam easily. Why waste your own or staff time on document shredding when you can use our secure document shredding service?

Also, strip-cut shredders produce strips of paper which can be pieced together again if someone wanted to read your confidential material.

Whether you are a busy household or a small or medium sized business, we’re the local shredding company to take that headache away.

Our industrial shredders can also destroy materials that home shredders can’t. For example, hard drives, mobile phones, USB sticks, CDs/DVDs, SIM cards, credit/debit cards etc

How will I know my shredding has been done?
Our bags are bar-coded. When your paperwork has been shredded, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction by email to the address provided.
Do I have to remove staples, paper clips, plastic sleeves?

Unlike small home shredders, our industrial shredders can handle these items. You do not need to remove staples, paper clips or plastic sleeves etc.

What's the best way to dispose of confidential papers?

Shredding is the best way to destroy confidential waste. Burning paperwork or soaking it would be less secure, time-consuming and not environmentally friendly. You'll need to use a crosscut shredder to ensure the paper is shredded into small enough pieces.

Is your service available for home offices?
Yes, we have many clients who work from home. Once you’ve filled the shredding bags you purchased just get in touch and we’ll collect, shred and recycle them.
Can I bring my paper to you?

No. For health & safety and insurance reasons we can’t allow customers to visit our facilities.

Does junk mail need to be shredded?

Yes. It would be unwise to dispose of junk mail without shredding it. Anyone could got hold of junk mail, for example, offering you a credit card, and they could fill in the details using your personal information.

What happens to the shredded paper?

Once we’ve shredded your paperwork, it is mixed with other shredded papers, baled and sent for recycling – your paperwork may come back to you eventually as kitchen rolls, washroom paper hand towels or low grade paper.

Can you piece together shredded paper?

Yes. It is more likely to be possible, either by hand or software, if the home shredder only shreds in strips. Our industrial shredders produce approximately 16mm sized cross-cut shredded pieces which are mixed with other shredded pieces so piecing together would be impossible.

Would it be easier and cheaper to buy my own home shredder?

Although it would be easy to buy a cheap home shredder, several things should be taken into account. Most home and office shredding machines shred documents in a way that they can be put back together again. There is also the time it takes prepare (removing staples, paper clips etc) and shred documents one or two pages at a time.

How much do your shredding sacks hold?

Our sacks are made with premium tough paper and are designed to hold approximately 15kg. They are fully recyclable and, because they are made of paper, they are shredded together with their contents, unopened.

What kind of shredding sacks do you use?

Our sacks are made with premium tough paper and are designed to hold approximately 15kg. They are fully recyclable and, because they are made of paper, they are shredded together with their contents, unopened.

Is there a time limit to request collection of full sacks?

No, there are no restrictions to request collection.

How long does it take for collection to be carried out?

We usually collect within 3-5 days of collection request.

How secure is your service?

Very. All staff are DBS checked, we do not employ agency staff or casual labour. Our sealed sacks are bar coded and transported in our  tracked vehicles to be shredded under CCTV at our facility. As the sacks are made of tough paper, they do not need to be opened before going into the shredder. A Certificate of Destruction identifying the bar coded sacks is emailed automatically after shredding

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