How to Organise a Shredding Event

Why do it?

Shredding safely, destroying and disposing of personal or professional documents is a serious business, and something that affects us all. We often hold onto sensitive, personal documents such as bank statements, insurance policies, personal files, etc for much longer than we need them. These documents can make owners vulnerable to scams, personal data theft and fraud, and in some cases’, it may also be your duty to dispose of confidential information by a certified provider.
Organising a Shredding Event is therefore a real Community Service that can help the local population, as well as businesses and organisations feel safe and secure. All paper is recycled so you will also be helping the environment.
Shredding Events have become major fundraisers and a regular part of the local calendar. At Hungry Shredder we are keen to support the local community with our onsite and mobile services. We have first-hand experience on how to run a Shredding Event and here are our top tips and key considerations:

1. How much can be raised?

This of course depends upon the size of the event. What we do know is that the general public will typically donate between £5-£20 for shredding whilst companies will donate between £20-£300 depending upon the number of boxes and bags of shredding documents.

Small size Shredding Events will attract between 50-200 vehicles, and larger events up to 1,000 vehicles spread over a day.

2. How much time is needed?

Like any local event you will need to give people notice and promote the Shredding Event up to 3 months in advance. Starting with a ‘Save the Date’ promotion the campaign can then gather momentum with further promotions particularly over the last two weeks. The Shredding Event itself typically lasts for ½ day or a full day.

When is the best time?

Shredding Events can take place all year round, however there are certain months which may be timelier, such as after a festive period, financial year end or moving home.

What skills and resources are need?

Well the good news is that you do not need any specific experience. Hungry Shredder will provide delivery bags purchased online for people to drop off, or a mobile shredding lorry and accredited staff for offsite events.

You will need volunteers who can help promote and set up the event, greet and direct people when they arrive, take donations and clean up afterwards. A small event needs 3-4 volunteers and a large event may need 10 or more people. We also recommend you have a dress code so that you are visible and mobile phones or radios to communicate across the event.

Where do I host the Shredding Event?

Good road access is key with a clear route coming in and out and ample parking for all size vehicles. Schools, sports facilities, community centres, stadiums or business parks are good locations. Remember to notify the local council if this is to be a public event and secure the correct event permit

Who are the best Promoters?

We recommend contacting the local media such as radio, TV, newspapers and internet. This is a valuable public service, so they should be keen help you promote. Also, invite them to the live event itself, mobilising people to attend is very important.
Post flyers in libraries, stores, community centres and ask your volunteers to leverage their social networks and groups. You will also need signposts for the event itself.

Who are the best Sponsors?

Shredding Events often attract sponsors whose businesses may be related to security, financial, legal and accountancy services. These sponsors will donate, provide volunteers, and support promotions. They are also likely to take advantage of the shredding event themselves.

Questions and Support

If a Shredding Event appeals then contact us to discuss logistics, planning, timing, etc:

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