Pro Saver Plan – 12 sacks

£69.99 inc. VAT / year with a 30-day free trial

Our popular business shredding services save you time at the shredder, freeing you up to focus on growing your business. This simple subscription is designed to keep your life simple, whilst protecting your confidential and customer information from prying eyes. We'll keep you topped up with secure paper shredding sacks as you use them – up to a maximum of 12 per year – that's about 60kg of confidential waste…imagine how long that would take to put through the shredder!

Simply fill the secure paper shredding sacks up, seal them and then drop them off at one of our secure centres. See how our shredding service can save you hours of labour, making your secure document destruction a breeze.

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Tailored Small Business Shredding Services

[one_half]As a business owner, you know how important it is to protect client and customer data from prying eyes. However, there are not many services around that offer a tailored small business shredding service. Most shredding services are geared to larger corporate contracts, leaving small businesses struggling to dispose of their confidential papers with a lightweight paper shredder. That’s all changing with Hungry Shredder! This regular subscription is just what you need to keep those confidential papers from piling up. We’ll keep you topped up with jumbo paper shredding sacks as you use them – up to a maximum of 12 per year. That’s up to 60Kg of confidential papers – ideal for small businesses. Secure shredding for each sack is included in the price. As you fill the sacks, simply seal them via the handy self-seal strip and then drop them off with the friendly staff at one of our centres for secure shredding. Let our secure shredding service take care of your confidential waste so that you can get on with things you enjoy.[/one_half][one_half]Our tough sacks are made with premium tough paper with a ‘block bottom’ flat base which means that they are self-standing. Each sack is 60cm tall x 48cm wide x 13cm deep and will hold 4-5 Kg of waste paper and card. Perfect for keeping next to your regular waste bin. They are of course fully recyclable – they are shredded together with their contents.[/one_half]

Important Terms
Payments are taken at the start of each year and are non-refundable. You have flexibility to stop or change your subscription for the coming year. To do this, simply log in to your account and make the change there at least 5 days before the next payment falls due.
Secure Shredding Sacks are valid for shredding for 12 months from the time of dispatch. After this time an additional fee of £5 per sack will be chargeable for the destruction.