Our Jumbo Confidential Shredding Service Sacks

Image of Hungry Shredder's jumbo paper shredding service sacks on blue backgroundOur Shredding Service Sacks

Many of our paper shredding services use our jumbo paper sacks. These jumbo sacks are suitable for home or office. The sacks are manufactured to a high standard to withstand daily use. They are made with premium tough paper and have a ‘block bottom’ flat base which means that they are self-standing.  Perfect for keeping next to your regular waste bin! Each of our paper shredding service sacks is self-sealing – when your sacks are full, you simply peel off the backing paper to reveal the permanent adhesive which secures the sacks in transit ready for confidential waste destruction. They are of course fully recyclable – when they reach our shredding service centres, they are shredded together with their contents.

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Shredding Service Sack Dimensions

Dimension Metric Imperial Height 60cm ~24 inches Width 48cm ~19 inches Depth 13cm ~5 inches Capacity (Paper Weight) ~15Kg ~33lb

Man at desk using paper shredding service sack from Hungry Shredder

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