How Many Documents Does It Take To Change A Sack?

At Hungry Shredder, we are all about making sure your sensitive information and documents are disposed of securely, without the hassle and mess of feeding them into the home or office shredder. We’ve helped hundreds of business owners and home residents stay on top of their shredding needs and protect themselves against identity theft, fraud and financial loss, all by supplying a simple sack. But how does a sack do all of this, and how often do you really need a new one?

What Is A Shredding Sack?

A shredding sack is pretty much what it says on the tin (well, sack). Our jumbo ‘drop-off’ paper sacks are large, sealable storage sacks that can easily and discreetly fit into your home or business. Thanks to a ‘block bottom’ they are completely free standing, so they can be stored anywhere from next to your desk to in a cupboard or large drawer. The sacks are incredibly durable, standing up to everyday use and can support a large amount of weight (around 10kg per sack). Each sack is 60cm tall, 48cm wide and 13cm deep, allowing for the perfect storage of paper before shredding. All you have to do is fill it, seal it and arrange a convenient drop-off time that suits you. Our unique shredding sacks have been manufactured to be completely recyclable, so they can be shredded along with their contents.

Our ‘collection’ sacks are slightly different, made out of extremely tough plastic with a permanent seal for ultimate security.  Similar to our ‘drop off’ sacks, all you have to do is fill it, seal it but then for even greater convenience, arrange a collection time that suits you and have it picked up from your home or office.

So Why Do I Need One? 

That’s all well and good, but why do you need a shredding sack in the first place? Well, have you ever spent hours bent over an office shredder, feeding in page after page and staring longingly at the clock? Sadly, this is a reality for many businesses and home owners who have all sorts of confidential information written down. Sensitive information like addresses, names, credit card information or bank details all need to be disposed of correctly in order to avoid identity theft or, if you’re in business, fulfil your legal obligations. But instead of struggling with the shredder, Hungry Shredder has a better option. Just order some of our shredding sacks through our website, fill them up and let us do the rest. Your secure shredding sacks can be collected directly from your home or business, or you can drop them off at our convenient secure shredding centre. The bags are then fed through an industrial grade, hyper secure shredding machine to ensure complete destruction, and you are provided with a certificate of destruction to prove it. So instead of wasting hours shredding your documents yourself, spend seconds putting them in a bag and know that your data is safe and will be completely destroyed. 

How Often Do I Need To Order A New Sack?

How often you will need a new sack for your paperwork depends very much on how much paper you use and throw away. For residential users, a single shredding sack can last upwards of a month, especially for those who have a lot of their paperwork available online now. But for a business one sack often doesn’t last that long. If you have a shredding sack next to your desk, or by your office waste bin, you will find yourself throwing all sorts of miscellaneous paperwork in there because it is easy, convenient and secure. Not to mention it will be recycled instead of sent to landfill. If there are a lot of people in your business, a single sack sometimes won’t even last a day! So gauge the size of your business and maybe even do a test – ask everyone to put all the paperwork they would normally throw away on a particular day onto one desk or in a specified box instead, and see just how much you are accruing in a day. This gives you a good benchmark for how many sacks you will need for the office, and how regularly you will need to order new ones. Remember, each sack holds 10Kg (or 22lb) of paper, which is equal to around 600 sheets.

For more information on our shredding services, or our jumbo paper sacks, just get in touch with one of the team today or visit our website to order yours today.

Get Shredding In
3 Easy Steps

1. Order Online

Choose the amount of shredding sacks you require, place your order on our website and we’ll deliver

2. Fill

When you receive the shredding sacks, fill them with all the documents that need to be shredded, then contact us

2. We Collect

Contact us to arrange the collection of your full sacks. One of our team will collect the sacks on the pre-arranged date

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